Have you considered how much your company would benefit if you used computers that could do in a few seconds what your present computers need a lunch break to do?

Enter the Tachyon — an unlikely combination of gaming hardware and enterprise server technology. When switched on, artificial intelligence monitors temperatures at key points and adjusts voltages to arrive at clock settings which enhance performance without compromise to stability.

In the following video, we placed a number of programs in the Windows startup folder together so that they would all launch automatically. Watch the result!

Launching software is only the beginning. For both business and pleasure, the Tachyon will give you as much joy and gratitude as your old computers tested your patience, whether you are a video producer, video game developer, architect, interior designer or simply a connoisseur of technology.

Here is a Camtasia screen recording featuring AutoCAD 2011 running the Cadalyst benchmark. Please watch full screen on a monitor or HDTV with resolution 1920x1080 and set the YouTube quality controls to 1080p otherwise you will not be able to see essential detail. With regard to the benchmark, it goes without saying that the results would be even more impressive if no other software (such as Camtasia) was running at the same time.

If you are a video editor who works with Adobe Premiere Pro, you may be familiar with a benchmark called PPBM5. Devised by Bill Gehrke and Harm Millaard, it is an Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 project with specific instructions as to what to do with it, and the results output to a text file via a VBScript which runs only if you did everything right. On the PPBM5 web site they invite you to upload your results, including a profile of your system hardware. As yet, the Tachyon results do not appear there. When we submitted our initial results, we very quickly received this email in response:

Good point about the CUDA card. At the time we submitted test results, the prototype graphics card was a Radeon. We replaced that with an NVidia which rewarded us with an increase in performance. Thanks Harm! Here is a Camtasia screen recording of the PPBM5 test from start to finish.

Video production business benefits of switching to Tachyon computers:

  • Post-production is faster and cheaper.

  • In-house work becomes affordable again.

  • Your clients receive even better and faster customer service.

  • Last minute changes, even within tight deadlines, become feasible.

  • Your finished production is available sooner (quicker time to market).

Bottom line — now you can serve more customers in a better way.

Just for fun, the next video features the chess program Houdini with chess expert Steve James, who explains how setting the program to run infinite analysis will place heavy demands on the CPU. Watch his reaction to the Tachyon in action — priceless!

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